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We often plan our future and think of the goals that we someday want to achieve. It takes a commitment to achieve those new goals in our lives...goals that we have dreamed of and with work and dedication, goals that can become a reality! We at Second Creation Taxidermy School want to be a part of these goals! The past ten years has seen a tremendous renaissance in the art of taxidermy. Aggressive, innovative supply companies have come to the aid of the commercial taxidermist with the introduction of numerous casting components, invaluable reference materials and, most importantly, lifelike manikins anatomically accurate in every detail. As taxidermy has evolved, so has Second Creation School of Taxidermy! We guarantee to you complete training in the state of the art products, formulas, and techniques. Combined with undivided attention of Cindy this assures each student the finest education available in the art of taxidermy.

The decision is yours to make and it is a difficult one!! You may have many choices...such as price, length of time, class sizes or one on one, it is a big commitment! Please choose wisely, take the time to check out the schools you are considering and be sure it is the one that best suits your needs and expectations.

We will be glad to answer any of your questions you might have concerning Second Creation School of Taxidermy by phone or letter.

Once again, remember the second Creation School of Taxidermy offers the finest courses of instruction available in the nation to date!


Cindy Cunningham

Course Outline

Beginning instruction will teach techniques to master the art of taxidermy. These courses will develop a student's skill in capeing, skinning, measuring, form alteration, mounting and finishing work. Finished pieces are property of each student. In addition to taxidermy instruction students will be provided with business training covering topics such as; pricing for the product, licensing and disclaimers, business set-up and cost.

Calendar Year (Subject to Change)
Classes to Run
Fall Sept. thru Oct.
Winter Jan. thru Feb.
Spring March thru April
Summer June thru July



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Life-Size Mammals

Each student will be required to complete two small life-size mammals. Learning proper field care is a must to insure the best possible mount. Skinning, measurements, and in the house tanning verses commercial tans of each animal. Learning how to read reference pictures and the anatomy. Students may bring their own providing that the animal has been properly cared for and tagged. A
pproximately 120 hrs.
Course Cost: $3000+tax
Sample Specimens

* 1 Bobcat - $250
* 1 Coyote - $250


Game Heads

The game head taxidermy course is a complete program of instruction that covers all aspects of mounting. Our game head course is designed to develop all of the skills necessary to become a successful taxidermist. Diversified with being able to do game heads along with deer heads, you will be able to satisfy all of your customers needs
. Approximately 120 hrs.
Course Cost: $2800+tax
Sample Specimens

* 1 Boar - $375
* 1 Antelope - $450


Deer Heads

Form selection and preparation, complete tanning, mounting and then the finishing touches. Each student will be required to complete two deer heads during the head portion of the course. Students may bring their own deer heads provided they were properly cared for. Second Creation Taxidermy has access to a large selection of deer capes and antlers at market price.
Approximately 120 hrs.

GI+VA Approval Pending
Course Cost: $2800+tax
Sample Specimens

* 2 Capes - $400 2 sets of antlers - $600



Upland game birds and waterfowl will comprise the bird portion of the course. Students will experience the beauty of Mother Nature at her finest and will acquire the ability to do justice to her winged creatures. Skinning and measuring the bird, cleaning techniques, and different ways of preservation. Actual traditional mounting, posing, and finishing mounts. You supply your own specimen (pheasant, small duck, or prairie chicken). Second Creation provides everything else. Each student will be required to complete three birds. Approximately 48 hrs.
Course Cost: $2200+tax
Sample Specimens

* 1 Pheasant - $150
* 1 Duck - $175



Students will learn techniques for flexible fins, open gills, lifelike coloration and finish. All fish are mounted on an anatomically accurate pre-molded body. Measuring for manikins, skinning actual fish, preserving the fish, talking about different tanning solutions. Actual mounting of the fish, finishing techniques and then air brushing the paint onto the fish. You supply your own fish specimen. Second Creation Taxidermy will provide everything else. Students will complete two fish mounts. We encourage students to bring good specimens from their area, as some may not be available to us. Approximately 48 hrs.
Course Cost: $1750+tax
Sample Specimens

* 2 Skins - Must provide own specimen


Eurpoean Deer/Antler mounts

This course will teach students how to skin, clean and mount antler mounts and European mounts. Students will be able to put their creative side to use in the display of this unique class.
Course Cost: $650+tax



In this course you will learn the secrets of skinning, cleaning, and mounting a full strut wild turkey. You will learn to read reference, anatomy, and feather patterns. Each student will complete 1 turkey. Approximately 72 hrs.
Course Cost: $2500+tax

*Turkey skin - $100

Carcass Casting

In this course you will learn to mold and cast your own manikin using the original carcass. Approximately 40 hrs.

Course Cost: $2500+tax



In this course you will learn the secrets of creating museum quality habitat using techniques and materials that will impress your clients and dramatically increase your profits!
Course Cost: $1000+tax










Methods of payment: Cash, Check, Master Card or Visa. All money is to be paid prior to the start of class. 50% down locks your dates. All specimens are extra cost (Market Price). 8.925% tax is also added to price of the class. Classes to be scheduled by appointment only. Out of state students can make special accommodations, such as hotels or R.V. campgrounds.